System Checks

To ensure successful assessment delivery, technology staff should perform these system checks at least three weeks in advance of administrations. Any updates or patches applied to operating systems or software necessary for online testing require additional system checks. Technology changes, including the application of software patches, cannot be made during an assessment administration.

Technology staff must be available to assist during assessment administration sessions in case a technical problem should arise.







3–4 weeks before testing begins in your district

Verify that all your district’s devices to be used for online testing meet operating system and hardware requirements.

Verify that your district's network and Internet are properly configured for testing; then conduct network diagnostics and resolve any issues.

Install the secure browser application on all devices that will be used for online testing.

  • Setting Up TDS Workstations

  • Secure Browsers

1–2 weeks before testing begins in your district

On Windows computers, disable fast user switching. On laptops running in tablet mode, disable screen edge swipe.

On computers running Linux, install Verdana TrueType font. For touchscreen devices, disable the on-screen keyboard.

On iPads, disable Voice Control, VoiceOver, and the emoji keyboard.

On Chromebooks, automatic updates should be disabled or limited to a specific version used successfully before online testing begins.

Install any required assistive technology and software on devices to be used for online testing and verify that installation was done correctly. This includes adding voice packs for English and Spanish students testing with TTS.

After everything else on the list is completed and before operational testing begins

Have students take a practice assessment to ensure that their technology is set up properly. Verify minimum requirements for headphones, microphones, and headsets being used for Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS), text-to-speech (TTS), and speech-to-text (STT).