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Contact Information

Contact Information

For questions about


  • the Texas Assessment Program

  • the content of the tests

  • testing policies and rules

  • testing irregularities

  • accommodations

  • assessment results

The Texas Education Agency Student Assessment and Assessment Development Divisions

Telephone: (512) 463-9536

Student Assessment Help Desk: Help Desk 


Website: Student Assessment Division

  • accessing the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE)

  • updating student information

  • additional orders

  • shipping information

  • correcting score codes

  • secure browser technical assistance

Cambium Texas Testing Support

Telephone: (833) 601-8821

Live chat: via live chat


Website: Texas Assessment

  • federal and state accountability

  • the consolidated accountability file

The Texas Education Agency Performance Reporting Division

Telephone: (512) 463-9704


Website: Performance Reporting

  • accelerated instruction requirements

  • high impact tutoring

The Texas Education Agency Accelerated Instruction Division


Website: Accelerated Instruction

  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

  • course requirements

  • graduation requirements

  • individual graduation committees

The Texas Education Agency Curriculum Division

Telephone: (512) 463-9581


Website: Academics

General Resources 

General Resources 


Texas Assessment Program 

Student Assessment Division


STAAR Resources 

STAAR Alternate 2 

STAAR Alternate 2 Resources 


TELPAS Resources

TELPAS Alternate

TELPAS Alternate Resources

testing (administration materials, technology assistance, and practice and released tests) 

Testing Personnel

trainings, including TELPAS holistic rating training courses and online calibration activities 

Learning Management System