The District and Campus Coordinator Resources, a collection of webpages, is prepared for its initial publishing at the beginning of each school year. Occasionally circumstances may require an update to be posted; the update will be listed in the Updates to Coordinator Resources page.

Viewing the Coordinator Resources

The Coordinator Resources are created digitally using the online platform Confluence. The best browser options for viewing it can be found in the Supported browsers webpage.

You will see both district testing coordinator

and campus testing coordinator 

checklists; the icons indicate which checklist you are reading. If both the district coordinator and campus coordinator icons are used with a checklist item, either coordinator or both may be responsible for completing the task.


In addition to providing a summary of new information for the school year, the Updates page is dedicated to informing readers of any information that has changed as a result of updates. 


Colors are used throughout these Coordinator Resources webpages to distinguish information specific to each program. Colored banners will direct users to the beginning of a particular program’s content and may also be used within a section to immediately connect the reader to its associated program.

At the top of some sections, multiple colored banners may appear to indicate that the information applies to more than one program.






Quick Click Navigation

Webpages that would otherwise require extensive scrolling have a list of links to important topics in the top right of the webpage, enabling users to quickly navigate to the exact information they need.

Search Options

NOTE: The screen captures below are specific to a certain browser and device. Images may look slightly different depending on the browser or device used to view them.

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