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Ensure All Participating Users and Students Are Registered

District and campus testing coordinators must:

❏ Register Users

District superintendent and testing coordinator roles are updated in the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) as of August 28, 2023, to match those listed in AskTED. If a district hires a new superintendent or testing coordinator after this date, that person’s information must be updated in AskTED before he or she will be able to access TIDE.

Starting August 28, 2023, all users with an existing account must create a new password when logging in to TIDE for the first time this school year. Users with a new role must have their role updated to ensure that they have appropriate access to the system functionality needed for their assigned role.

District testing coordinators or their designees are responsible for creating user accounts in TIDE. If a user does not already have a TIDE account, a new user profile must be created. When a user’s TIDE account is created, TIDE sends the user an activation email. This email contains a link that directs the user to the Reset Your Password page in TIDE where he or she can set up a password for logging in to TIDE and other systems. Users must log in and establish a new password within 15 minutes of receiving the welcome email. If a new password is not established within 15 minutes, the user’s credentials must be reset.

Refer to the TIDE User Guide for more information about logging in to the system for the first time and creating or editing user accounts.

❏ Register Students

Registration for the Texas Assessment Program involves two major steps: uploading student information into TIDE and verifying that the information is accurate prior to testing. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) recommends uploading all student information at the beginning of the school year, then updating and verifying the information prior to each administration. All eligible students must be registered in TIDE for the appropriate assessments, including above grade testers and students taking end-of-course (EOC) assessments, by the due dates listed on the Calendar of Events to ensure that enough test administrator manuals are sent with initial orders and to determine the number of eligible students enrolled in the district who are administered each assessment.