7.5.5 Update Student Test Attributes

NOTE: The test attributes verification window will remain through the close of the online test administration window. Districts must complete updating all test attribute settings for these administrations by the close of the testing window. Check the Calendar of Events for exact dates.

Follow these steps to update test attributes (Designated Supports or Test Indicators).

  1. In the left navigation menu bar, select Online Testing, and then Manage.
  2. Enter search filters (Test Administration, Subject, and Testing Grade).
  3. In the Organization dropdown list, enter at least three letters of the organization name or the organization code, and select the organization from the list.
  4. Click the Search button to view the search results.
  5. Under "Campuses in Session," click the View icon The View Icon looks like a blue magnifying glass. in the "Actions" column.
  6. To view student information, click the View icon The View Icon looks like a blue magnifying glass. in the "Actions" column again.
  7. (Optional) Click the View All Students button to view a list of all students testing in any subject in the current administration for the district or campus selected. A list of students appears.
  8. Click on the Test Attributes view button to identify score codes and other test attribute settings applied.
  9. Click on the Test Attributes icon  in the Actions column in the corresponding row of a student's test to apply a score code or edit other test attribute settings as needed.
  10. Click Submit when finished.

NOTE: Test attribute setting other than score codes may also be applied directly in a student't profile (Students>View & Edit) Tests tab once online test tickets are made available.

The table below describes test attributes available in the Assessment Management System.

Test Attribute



Score Code

A, S, O, *, W, P

A – Absent | S – Score | O – Other | * (No information available) | W – Parental Waiver | P – Previously Met.


Designated Supports, Extra Day

Designated Supports

Extra Day, Designated Supports, Braille

Test Indicators

EOC/Above Grade, HSEP Indicator, TMIP Indicator, TAKS, TAAS, TEAMS

HSEP = High School Equivalency Program

TMIP = Texas Migrant Immigrant Program

TAKS, TAAS, TEAMS = Previous Texas assessment programs

Agency Use

A, B, C, D, E

TEA use only. A whole number is entered to indicate something about the test (e.g., non-standard admin).

Local Use

Four blank cells for any local campus use.

Student Indicators

New to Texas

NOTE: Beginning fall 2018, the New to Texas checkbox appears only on the Student Profile page and the Manage Online Testing page (via the Test Attributes icon), not on student test registrations.

NOTE: Not all test attribute settings are available in all administrations. Test attributes vary by administration.