9.5.1 Test Mode/Materials Count Report

Content: This report identifies the number of test booklets by subject and type being sent with the district's initial order. Orders are based on the number of paper-based test registrations. Quantities in the report are total test booklets, not bundles or packages, and do not reflect the 10 percent overage included in a district's initial order. The report may be run at the district or campus level and is updated nightly.

Uses: Use this report to view the number of test booklets ordered per district in the initial materials order.

To view a Test Mode/Materials Count report for a district, complete the following steps.

  1. In the navigation menu bar, select Reports, and then Orders.
  2. On the Orders Report page, on the General tab, under Test Mode/Materials Count Report, select the current test administration from the Test Administration field.
  3. In the District field, enter at least three letters of the name of the district or the district code, and then select a district from the list.
  4. Click the Download Report button.
  5. Open the CSV spreadsheet.