7.5.6 Update Student Score Codes

NOTE: The test attributes verification window will remain open through the close of the online test administration window for all administrations. Districts must complete updating all test attribute settings for these administrations by the close of the testing window. Check the Calendar of Events for exact dates.

Follow these steps to update student score codes.

  1. Complete Steps 1–7 in Section 7.5.5.
  2. Click the Test Attributes icon The Test Attributes Icon looks like an orange checklist with two white checkmarks and a pencil. next to the student whose score code to update.
  3. Users with permission may change score codes as needed.

    A – Absent | S – Score | O – Other | *** (No information available) | W – Parental Waiver | P – Previously Met

    NOTE: For more information about score codes, refer to the District and Campus Coordinator Resources website Score code information page.

  4. Click the Submit button to save the changes.


  • Once a test has been voided, the student can no longer access the test or have the test registration switched to paper.
  • The score code defaults to "S" for all students who have submitted their tests or have logged in. The score code does not need to be set in the Test Attributes section if the default score codes applied are correct.
  • Tests that have never been logged into default to "void" at the end of the testing window.
  • Score codes for any un-voided tests may be updated anytime prior to the close of the testing window.
  • Score codes of tests that defaulted to void at the close of the testing window may not be updated during the "Districts submit score change" window identified in the Calendar of Events.