Section 8 | Orders

Depending on the permissions for your role, you can search for and view information about STAAR grades 3–8 or STAAR EOC assessment materials orders. You can manage orders and perform the following tasks from the Orders tab.

  • View & Track - View and track initial material orders, precodes, additional materials orders, and additional report orders.
  • Initial Orders - View and add counts of test booklets to be received in initial orders.
  • Additional Materials - Order additional test and shipping materials for an administration.
  • Additional Reports - Opt-in to receive paper STAAR Report Cards (SRCs), opt-out of receiving Confidential Student Labels (CSLs), and order additional copies of SRCs and CSLs by reporting administration.
  • Late Precodes - Place an order for late precodes consisting of new paper registrations entered after the close of the paper materials window.
  • Rescore Requests - Request tests to be rescored.
  • ADPL - Complete Answer Document Packing Lists (ADPL), provide counts of returned answer documents for scoring, and submit counts online.
  • ADPL Scans - View reconciliation of ADPL counts against actual answer documents processed and scored.

The ability to perform these tasks for a given administration may or may not be available depending on the schedule for that administration. For example, the ability to order additional materials is only available during the additional materials order window.