7.5 View and Manage Online Testing Sessions

Online test session management is performed on the Manage Online Testing page and the Session Info page.

Overview information is displayed on the Manage Online Testing page, including the Sessions at a Glance summary totals for your district or campus and a list of campuses or groups.

Clicking through to groups displays general information about test sessions in three sections: in Session Info (which identifies the test session), in Update Results (which lists students in the testing group or session), and in a list of students for the group or testing session at the bottom of the page. Two views are accessed via the Testing List and Test Attributes buttons above the students listing. The Testing List button identifies PNPs, test language, Sync Status, etc. The Test Attributes button displays current test attribute settings.

To view and manage a testing group or session, complete the following steps.

  1. In the navigation menu bar, select Online Testing, and then Manage.
  2. Enter search filters (Test Administration, Subject, Testing Grade, and Organization).
  3. Enter at least three letters of the name of the organization or the organization code, and select the organization from the list.
  4. Click SEARCH to view the search results. The Manage Online Testing page appears displaying Sessions at a Glance and Total Campuses (district coordinators) or Total Groups (campus coordinators).
  5. To view campus, group, or session information, click the View icon The View Icon is a blue magnifying glass. in the "Actions" column next to the campus or group to view. District-level users may need to click through campus and group levels. The page updates and displays a new page with Session Info, Update Results filters, and a list of the students in the testing group or session.
  6. (Optional) use the filters provided to further refine the list.

NOTE: The Personal Needs and Preferences (PNP) checkboxes on this page are used for search criteria and do not add supports to student tests. Refer to Section 7.3 Set Up Student Online Designated Supports for details about adding supports.