6.3 Upload Student Registrations

The Upload functionality allows for uploading student registrations using a batch file process. A batch file process takes a file of multiple individual records and processes those records as a group (performing the same individual steps over and over again). In addition to the upload and download functions, there are also tools for reviewing processing errors and conflicts.


  • The Student Data File Format for Student Registration may change from year to year. Fields may be added, changed, or moved. Files uploaded previously may not upload until edited to conform to the current format. For detailed instructions, refer to the Student Data File Format for Student Registration document available online at TexasAssessment.gov.
  • Users may create and delete student registrations until the last day of testing. Even during the testing window, student registrations, paper or online, may be created or deleted. Registrations for students who have started an online test may not be deleted or updated via an upload file. Users needing to update an existing registration after a student has started an online test must make the changes manually via the UI. Refer to Section 6.1.2 Viewing and Editing Student Information.
  • The last uploaded student data file overrides any existing registration information where differences exist.
  • On the initial upload for a new administration, for students not previously registered, demographic fields left blank will populate with corresponding data from the Student Directory (PEIMS data source or prior testing data), if available.
  • On subsequent uploads, demographic fields left blank will overwrite any existing student registration with a null value (blank).
  • If online group name fields are left blank in the Student Upload File, the Assessment Management System does not overwrite any existing online group affiliations. To change students to the default No Group Name Given or to another group via the UI or Student Upload File, refer to Section 7.4 Adding Online Testing Groups.