6.2.2 Register an Individual Student

You may register students individually while the registration window is open.

To register an individual student, complete the following steps.

  1. In the navigation menu, select Students, and then Register.
  2. On the Register a Student page, select a Test Administration and District, then enter the PEIMS ID.
  3. Click the Add Student button. The system will search for any existing registration or prior testing history based upon the information provided in Step 2.
  4. If no match is found, the student's profile information will be blank. Complete Step 1: Create Profile in Section below.
  5. If a match is found, and the student is either a retester or student with a previous testing history, a pop-up will appear identifying the student associated with the PEIMS ID provided. Click Yes Continue to proceed with registering the student and update student information as needed per Step 1: Create Profile in Section below.

    NOTE:  If a match is found, and the student is not a retester but has an existing test registration for the administration in a different district, a warning appears that indicates the student is already registered and displays the district and campus where the student is registered. Click Transfer Student to proceed with registering the student in your district. Refer to Section 6.5 Student Transfers for completing the registration transfer. Step 1: Create Profile

Student registration information may already exist for students with existing registrations, but this information may be outdated. Users should review and update student demographic and other information prior to testing.

To create the student profile, complete the following substeps.

  1. Under Student Information, enter the student's PEIMS ID, TSDS Student ID, First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, Local Student ID, Sex, and Grade.
  2. Under Date of Birth, click the Calendar icon The Calendar Icon is a black and white line drawing of a simple desk calendar., and select or enter a year, month, and day. Click the Calendar Reset icon The Calendar Reset Icon is a large gray X. if needed.
  3. Under Campus Information, select a Home Campus from the dropdown list.
  4. Under Demographics, enter the student information in the fields as appropriate. NOTE: The Migrant Indicator dropdown list is used to identify a student as a migrant student. This is different from the Texas Migrant Interstate Program that appears on answer documents and in test attributes to indicate the student took part in testing in another state.
  5. Click the CONTINUE button to proceed to Step 2: Add Tests. Step 2: Add Tests

To enter test information, complete the following substeps.

  1. Under "Step 2: Add Tests," make selections in the Subject, Mode, Registration Type, Testing Campus, Online Testing Group, Braille Indicator, and Personal Needs and Preferences (PNP) supports (for online tests only) fields as necessary.

    • Test information fields will vary depending on the test administration and mode selected.
    • If a 3–8 test administration was selected, Above Grade Testing will be an additional option. For more information about above-grade testing, refer to Section 6.3.2.
    • if an OOD or OOS (enrolled grade level) registration type is selected, all available campuses within the district and volunteer testing site campuses appear in the Testing Campus field list. For more information about registering OOS/OOD students, refer to Section 6.6.
    • For information about adding a campus as a volunteer testing site, refer to Section 4.2.

  2. Click the Submit button.


  • Default values for any additional tests added as a result of selecting the Above Grade Testing indicator may be changed as needed. Available values will vary based on test(s) added and testing mode (paper or online) selected.
    • Mode (defaults to Paper)
    • Registration Type
    • Testing Campus
    • Paper Group or Online Testing Group (defaults to NO GROUP NAME GIVEN)
    • TX Unique Staff ID
    • Language (defaults to English)
    • Braille Indicator (defaults to No Braille)
    • Personal Needs and Preferences (PNP) (defaults to none selected)
    • Materials (Large Print and Oral Administration checkboxes)
  • Initial orders of test booklets are based on the number of paper registrations in the Assessment Management System at the close of the paper materials registration window as indicated in the Calendar of Events.
    • Districts should identify students needing Large Print or Oral Administration in the Materials section of student test registrations. Districts should identify students taking Spanish versions of tests in the Language section of the registration.
    • Districts unable to identify Oral Administration, Large Print, or Spanish test booklet needs directly tied to a student registration may alternately identify quantities of these test booklets needed via Initial Orders. For more information refer to Section 8.2 Initial Materials Orders.
    • Registrations with Oral Administration, Large Print, or Spanish indicated at the close of the paper materials registration window will have the corresponding test booklet(s) shipped to the testing district/campus identified in the registration.
    • Test booklets included in the initial order for May/June Grade 5 and 8 retest and June EOC administrations are determined by the number of paper retester registrations loaded into the Assessment Management System. Updates to paper registrations made during the paper materials registration window do not change the quantity of test booklets in the initial order, but will be reflected in precoded answer documents received. Additional test booklet quantities may not be ordered via the Initial Orders page for these administrations. Districts requiring additional test booklets must place an additional materials order during the Additional Materials Ordering window.
  • After registering a student and returning to the Student Profile page, Action icons appear and the Submit button is replaced with an Update button.
  • For EOC testing, tests may be added by clicking the Add Another Test button on the Student Profile page until there are no more tests to add for the administration. Delete, Update, and View Tests and Test Sessions

After a student is registered for online testing, the following icons appear in the "Actions" column next to each test as appropriate to allow deleting or viewing tests and test sessions.

The table below displays the different Action icons and describes their functions.

Action Icon

The Delete Icon is a crimson red line drawing of a metal trash can with the lid on.

Delete Test. Deletes the student's test registration for the related test. Appears next to deletable tests only. Students must be registered for at least one test, so only additional tests can be deleted. Only available up to the testing window. Online tests cannot be deleted once students have logged in and begun testing.

The View Test Session icon is a blue checked checkbox.

View Test Session. Opens the Online Test Session page for this student's grade-level test. Refer to Section 7.5.1 Managing Online Test Sessions for more information.

The View Above Grade Test Session icon is a gold colored checkbox with a checkmark in it and a small up-arrow on the right side.

View Above-Grade Test Session. Opens the Online Test Session page for this student's above-grade-level test session. Refer to Section 7.5.1 Managing Online Test Sessions for more information.

The Update TX Unique Staff ID icon is a line drawing of a blue ID card.

Update TX Unique Staff ID. Saves the TX Unique Staff ID associated with the current tests. Refer to Section 6.1.5 View and Edit Student Test Registration Information.