6.2.1 Retest Administrations

Retesters include students who have not met the passing standard for the grades 5 and 8 mathematics and reading and end-of-course (EOC) administrations only. Retesters are automatically registered for the next administration at the campus where they were last reported.

All retesters are registered with the same demographic (e.g., grade level) and test information as last tested. Districts should review retester registrations and update as needed. NOTE: Braille indicators for paper tests are not carried over and must be set manually in the system as applicable.

  • For EOC testing, retesters are registered to take only the test(s) that were not previously passed. Registrations are set to the same testing mode and with same PNP settings (for online test registrations) as tested in the prior administration.
  • For 5 and 8 testing, retesters are registered for both Mathematics and Reading tests, regardless of whether one of the tests was previously passed. Registrations are set to the same testing mode, test language (grades 35), and PNP settings (for online test registrations) as tested in the prior administration. Two columns, "Retester Indicator-MA" (column "BO") and "Retester Indicator-RE" (column "BP"), appear in student registration reports, downloadable from the Assessment Management System. These columns indicate whether a retester previously passed one of the two subjects (mathematics or reading). An indicator also appears on the Edit a Student > Tests tab under Add Tests for each test. These columns auto-populate, indicating students who previously passed with a "P" code.


  • These columns are populated automatically in the Assessment Management System and are provided for reference only. Any subsequent registration uploads by districts ignore changes to the retest indicator.
  • The two columns are ignored by the Assessment Management System in any subsequent student file upload. It is unnecessary to ensure that values provided are included in any locally generated data files.
  • If the student is administered a test for a subject that has a "P" indicator, the new test results are not reported, and a message indicating that the test was previously passed appears on the student's report card.
  • An indicator also appears on tests shown on the Tests tab in student registration profiles at Students > View & Edit.
  • Districts needing to change the registration ("P" indicator) for a student, whether testing on paper or online, should contact the Texas Support Center for further information. Refer to Section 1.2 Support for contact information.

Beginning with the June 2021 administrations, districts will have the option to opt-out from receiving paper materials for the June 5 and 8 retest and June EOC administrations. Refer to Section Paper Opt Out Option. Download and View a Retester Verification File for a Retest Administration

To review a current and accurate retester verification (registration) file, follow the steps below.


  • Download the Students Campus Report or District Student Home Campus Report on or after the date shown in the Calendar of Events for "Retester verification roster available" and before making any updates or adding new tester registration records in the system.
  • These reports are provided in the Student Upload File format. Updates to existing registrations and new test registrations may be applied directly to the downloaded file and uploaded into the system (refer to Section 6.3 Upload Student Registrations).

Follow these steps to download and view a Student Upload File for a retest administration.

  1. In the navigation menu, select Reports, then Students.
  2. Under Students Campus Report or District Student Home Campus Report, select a campus or district in the Campus or District field, then select a retest administration from the Test Administration dropdown list.
  3. Click the Download button for the campus or district report and open the file.
  4. Save retester file to a local or network drive.
  5. Review and verify all demographic and test information and make updates to student registration records as needed. For grades 5 and 8, view columns "BO" and "BP." Students with a "P" code have previously passed the indicated test (MA or RE). 

NOTE: Updates to student retester registration information may be applied manually in the UI (Students > View & Edit) or applied via upload registration file (Students > Upload). Paper Opt Out Option

Districts planning to test all online for the June Grades 5 and 8 Retest or June EOC, or for both of these administrations, may opt-out of receiving paper materials. Districts that elect to opt-out of paper during the "opt-out of paper" window will have all retester paper registrations converted to online (with no PNP values set) upon load of retester registrations in the Assessment Management System. (PNPs for previous online testers will carry over.)

NOTE: The opt-out of paper selection may be changed and updated at any time during the "opt-out of paper" window. See the Opt Out of Paper page in the Assessment Management System at Orders > Opt Out of Paper for "opt-out of paper" window dates. The opt-out setting identified in the system at the close of the window determines which test mode retesters will be registered under.

Districts that opt-out should review retester registrations, add appropriate PNP settings, and make any other needed adjustments.

Follow these steps to opt out of paper testing for an administration.

  1. Navigate to the Opt Out of Paper page at Orders > Opt Out of Paper.
  2. Select a District and Test Administration from the dropdown list.
  3. Select the Set all re-tester registrations to online radio button.
  4. (Optional) Select the Use previous settings (Default) radio button to undo the paper opt-out option.
  5. Click the Update button. A message appears confirming the change.


  • The opt-out option is only available for grades 5 and 8 retest and EOC administrations.
  • Districts may update student registrations to paper after exercising the opt-out option. Registrations updated to paper testing prior to the close of the paper materials registration window will have the corresponding precodes provided. Districts that have opted out will need to order test booklets (and return materials) during the additional materials window for any students that will end up testing on paper.
  • Districts that wish to consolidate campuses for testing during the June administrations may opt-out of paper (all retesters are then loaded as online), then change students back to paper during the paper materials registration window to receive precodes, and then place an additional materials order for each campus testing to receive the test booklets and return materials as needed.