6.1 View and Edit Student Information

View & Edit provides functions for locating and editing registered student information. The Student Profile page contains a student's demographics, test, and score information for a particular administration. The information contained on each Student Profile page is organized under the following three tabs (viewable after searching for a student and opening the student's profile):

  • Profile – Contains a student's demographic information. Access this tab to edit student demographic data during a registration period or after a test administration.
  • Tests – Contains a list of tests and associated test information for each test a student has been registered to take for the test administration selected. Access this tab to view, add, update, or remove a student's test information during the registration window.
  • Scores – Contains post-administration test information and score codes applied to each test that a student was registered to take at the close of the registration window. Access this tab to view and make corrections to test information and score codes after a test administration. Downloadable STAAR Report Cards (SRCs) are also available on this tab.

Administration activities for students differ slightly between pre-administration and post-administration. Prior to a test administration, all student demographic and information fields, except Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) ID, are open for editing. After an administration, only the Name and Date of Birth fields are open for editing.

NOTE: If a student is registered under an incorrect PEIMS ID, delete the registration if possible, and re-register the student under the correct PEIMS ID.

Activities accessible through the View & Edit tab include the following:

  • Searching for Student Registrations by Admin
  • View and Edit Student Information

Pre-Administration Activities

  • View and Edit Existing Student Test Registration Information
  • Add Teacher TX Unique Staff ID Associations to Test Registrations
  • Add or Remove Individual Test Registrations from a Student Profile (EOC administrations only)
  • Delete an Existing Student Registration Profile

Post-Administration Activities

  • View and Update Student Information (First Name, Last Name, Middle Initial, DOB)
  • View and Update Test Language of a Submitted Test (Grades 35 only)
  • View and Update a Test Score Code
  • View and Download Student STAAR Report Cards
  • Update Teacher TX Unique Staff ID Associations to Test Registrations

To view and edit student information, you must first find the student. You may only view and edit students for whom you have privileges. All searches are conducted within the specific administration selected. Users may leave all non-required search fields blank to obtain a list of all students they have privileges to view and edit in the search results. Due to the large number of students within each organization, it is good practice to carefully limit the search results by filtering.