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 Description of Designated Support

Designated supports that fall into this category are only for students who have unique needs that are not specifically addressed with any accessibility features or designated supports located on TEA’s Accommodation Resources webpage. These designated supports are not intended to provide additional supplemental aids not listed as allowable, or for students who fail to meet established eligibility criteria for designated supports.



Depending on the request, Other designated supports may be used on

  • STAAR Spanish


 Student Eligibility Criteria

Submit an Accommodation Request Form to TEA if the student

  • routinely, independently, and effectively (if applicable) receives this designated support during classroom instruction and classroom testing, and
  • is unable to effectively use any accessibility features or designated supports to address this need.


 Authority for Decision and Required Documentation

  • For a student not receiving special education or Section 504 services, the decision is made by the appropriate team of people at the campus level (e.g., RTI team, student assistance team) and documented according to district policies. The decision should be based on the eligibility criteria and aimed at addressing a student’s consistent, academic struggle in a specific area even after intensive instruction and remediation.
  • For a student who is an EL, the decision is made by the LPAC based on the eligibility criteria and is documented in the student’s permanent record file.
  • For a student receiving Section 504 services, the decision is made by the Section 504 committee based on the eligibility criteria and is documented in the student’s IAP.
  • For a student receiving special education services, the decision is made by the ARD committee based on the eligibility criteria and is documented in the student’s IEP.
  • In the case of an EL with a disability, the decision is made by the applicable group above in conjunction with the student’s LPAC. The decision is to be documented by the LPAC in the student’s permanent record file and by the other applicable group, as described above.
  • After state testing, DS must be recorded in the ACCOMM. field on the STAAR answer document. For online administrations, the appropriate code (D or Designated Supports) must be recorded in the Texas Assessment Management System. This indicates that an allowable designated support was made available to the student. Special instructions sent with an approval may indicate additional information that should be recorded.


 Special Instructions/Considerations

  1. Accommodation Request Forms must be received by TEA according to the posted deadlines. Late requests will NOT be processed unless circumstances involving the student change after the deadline (e.g., newly enrolled student, medical emergency, updated ARD committee decision). In these circumstances, the district testing coordinator should contact TEA’s Student Assessment Division at 512-463-9536 for further instructions.
  2. Depending on the designated support, a student may complete the test in a separate setting to eliminate distractions to other students and to ensure the confidentiality of the test.
  3. TEA may provide additional procedures specific to the requested designated support if approved.
  4. For students who require test materials in a size larger than the state-supplied large-print test materials, refer to the General Instructions for Administering Large-Print State Assessments document and the Font and Point Size Matrices for STAAR, STAAR Spanish, and TELPAS document located on the Accommodation Resources webpage. Some students may need double-sided test materials photocopied into single-sided sheets because they have a physical disability that prevents them from effectively manipulating test materials printed on both sides of the paper or turning the pages in a test booklet, or because they have a disability that necessitates test materials be presented in a printed format other than a test booklet in order to prevent behavioral outbursts or other severe behaviors that could interfere with completion of the test. In these rare cases, an Accommodation Request Form for Other should be submitted to TEA.

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