Eligibility Requirements for a Special Administration

Accommodations Cannot be Applied

A student may need a testing accommodation that is not possible to provide in an online setting. Prior to a special administration of the assessment, consideration should be given to accessibility features, locally-approved designated supports, and designated supports requiring Texas Education Agency (TEA) approval. For information regarding these testing accommodations, refer to the Accessibility section.

A student should be designated as eligible for a special administration only if a required accommodation documented in the student’s individualized education program (IEP), individual accommodation plan (IAP), or Section 504 paperwork cannot be delivered in an online format. Careful consideration should be given to whether the paper or holistic mode offers the necessary supports to allow the student to successfully demonstrate his or her understanding of the tested content. If the student has previous experience receiving instruction or taking assessments online (e.g., STAAR Interims), it may be more appropriate to maintain consistency by providing the student with an online administration.

Unable to Participate in One Domain of TELPAS

For students who are ARD-exempt in one domain of TELPAS, districts may register the student for a special administration. For example, if a student is exempt from taking TELPAS listening and will not take the TELPAS listening and speaking online assessment, then the student may be eligible to be holistically rated in speaking.

Technology Access is Precluded

Districts must make every effort to administer STAAR and TELPAS assessments online. In rare situations where appropriate computers or technology are absolutely unavailable, as may occur on occasion with a homebound student or a student in juvenile justice alternative education programs (JJAEPs), jails, or detention centers, that student may be eligible for a special paper or holistic administration. Contact Texas Testing Support at 833-601-8821 or TexasTestingSupport@cambiumassessment.com.