Accommodation Request Form

Only complex transcribing, mathematics scribe, extra day, and other designated supports require the submission of an Accommodation Request Form to the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The appropriate campus-level team (e.g., admission, review, and dismissal [ARD] committee, Section 504 committee, Response to Intervention [RtI] team, student assistance team) determines whether the student meets all of the specific eligibility criteria listed and, if so, submits an Accommodation Request Form to TEA. Do not submit an Accommodation Request Form if the student does not meet the specific eligibility criteria. The Accommodation Request Form is available in the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) under Administration and Security Forms.

TEA must approve accommodation requests before a student can use the support on a state assessment. The appropriate campus-level team recommends the use of these designated supports with a “pending TEA approval” status based on the eligibility criteria. More information can be found in the Accommodation Request Process document.