Important Dates .ICS Files


  • The Important Events feature on the Testing Personnel page lists dates included on the Calendar of Events, which can be downloaded to your personal calendars.
  • Users can add all the important dates or only the dates they are interested in.

On this Page

  • Click the Download .ics of All Important Dates button to add the important dates to your calendar. This will download all events available under Important Dates.
  • Alternatively, you can select an individual event to download an .ics for only that event.
  • Click the Find More button to search for archived or future events and view a calendar or full list of the important dates.

Important Dates Page

The Important Dates page on allows you to view all the important dates available in a calendar or list format.

  • Use the menu on the top left to view archived or upcoming important dates.
  • Use the View As selection tool on the top right to choose to view the events as a calendar or list.