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 Description of Designated Support

This designated support provides a student with enlarged test materials when he or she is unable to effectively access test materials in standard print size.



For a student who meets the eligibility criteria, this designated support may be used on

  • STAAR Spanish
  • TELPAS Reading (approved paper version only) 


 Student Eligibility Criteria

A student may use this designated support if that student

  • routinely and effectively uses large-print materials, including text books, worksheets, etc., during classroom instruction and classroom testing; and
  • meets at least one of the following.
  • The student has an impairment in vision (e.g., uncorrected vision, nystagmus, qualifies for special education services with a Visual Impairment [VI]).
  • The student is not able to accurately track letter to letter, word to word, or line to line.
  • The student has a physical disability which necessitates the use of large-print materials.


 Authority for Decision and Required Documentation

  • For a student not receiving special education or Section 504 services, the decision is made by the appropriate team of people at the campus level (e.g., RTI team, student assistance team) and documented according to district policies. The decision should be based on the eligibility criteria and aimed at addressing a student’s consistent academic struggle in a specific area even after intensive instruction and remediation.
  • For a student receiving Section 504 services, the decision is made by the Section 504 committee based on the eligibility criteria and is documented in the student’s IAP.
  • For a student receiving special education services, the decision is made by the ARD committee based on the eligibility criteria and is documented in the student’s IEP.
  • In the case of an EL with a disability, the decision is made by the applicable group above in conjunction with the student’s LPAC. The decision is to be documented by the LPAC in the student’s permanent record file and by the other applicable group, as described above.
  • After state testing, LP must be recorded in the ACCOMM. field on the STAAR answer document. For TELPAS paper administrations, Large Print must be recorded in the Texas Assessment Management System



Not applicable because the state provides large-print test materials.


 Special Instructions/Considerations

  1. The ordering process of large-print materials will be closely monitored to ensure districts are ordering only for those students who meet the eligibility criteria. In most cases, large-print test materials should be ordered only for a student with an impairment in vision.
  2. Student responses on large-print tests must be transcribed onto an answer document according to the procedures outlined in the Basic Transcribing and/or Complex Transcribing policies. If this is not done, the student’s test cannot be scored.
  3. Specific information about large-print test materials, including the policy for students needing a test booklet in a larger print size than produced by the state, is available in the General Instructions for Administering Large-Print State Assessments document, located on TEA’s Accommodation Resources webpage.
  4. Refer to the Font and Point Sizes Matrices located on TEA’s Accommodation Resources webpage for point sizes and fonts used on all state assessments.
  5. Technology-based accommodations for a student taking an online test enable most students to test online. However, in rare instances a special request may be made to TEA for approval to administer a paper test booklet. The request for a large-print paper test booklet should include the rationale for any designated supports requiring TEA approval. The paper administration request document can be found in these District and Campus Coordinator Resources.

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