Student responses recorded in a State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) test booklet may be transcribed onto a blank answer document.

Test administrators must actively monitor the testing room while students are working. All test administrators are required to verify that students have marked their responses on their answer documents by the end of the testing session. Before students leave the room, the test administrator should visually scan the completed answer documents to be sure the students have recorded answers as instructed. If students submit their test materials before the end of the four-hour time period, the test administrator must check that the students' answers are marked on their answer documents. If they are not, the test administrator should say to the student, “You have not recorded your answers on the answer document. Please go back and mark your answers on it now.” The test materials should then be returned so that the student may record the answers.

In cases where the testing time has ended, and a test administrator discovers that a student has not recorded the responses on the answer document, district testing coordinators may grant permission to trained school personnel to view the secure test booklet. If the student marked the responses in the test booklet, the trained personnel may transcribe the answers from the test booklet onto the student’s answer document.

General Transcribing Procedures

Districts and charter schools must follow general transcribing procedures.

  • Transcription must be done by a trained test administrator who has signed the General Oath of Test Security and Confidentiality.
  • The scribe should be a certified employee of the district or charter school. Any person completing transcription must be an adult non-relative of the student.
  • The scribe should record student responses verbatim on the answer document. The scribe may not edit or alter student responses in any way. Responding to test questions, making notes about test questions, and discussing the content of the test at any time are prohibited and would constitute a severe breach of security.
  • Districts and charter schools are required to submit a testing irregularity report to document the monitoring error which resulted in the transcription.