Spring 2021 Summative Webinar Recordings

Previously Recorded Webinar Trainings for the STAAR Summative assessments

The nine videos below are previously recorded webinars designed to cover the program and systems updates for the Spring 2021 administrations.

To view and register for upcoming STAAR webinars, visit https://texasassessment.gov/staar/administrators/training/.

NOTE: ETS will not host live sessions of the Technology Staff Network Configuration, Secure Browser Installation, and Device Set Up (#4) and the Overview of the STAAR Online Testing Platform (#6) webinars during spring 2021 because there are no scheduled updates to the secure browser application and no new personal needs and preferences (PNPs). Watch them both HERE.

Webinar 9 of 9:

Preparing for the Release of the Spring 2021 Scores (Recorded March 30, 2021)


Webinar 8 of 9:

Navigating the Texas Assessment Portal (Recorded March 25, 2021)


Webinar 7 of 9:

STAAR Test Material and Precode Shipments - Receipt and Return (Recorded March 2, 2021)


Webinar Sessions 3-6 of 9:

Online Testing Preparation for Spring 2021 - (Recorded between 2/18/21 and 3/23/2021)

Webinar 2 of 9:

Winter Activities for Upcoming STAAR Administrations (Recorded February 2, 2021)


Webinar 1 of 9:

STAAR 3-8 Registration for New District Testing Coordinators (DTCs) (Recorded January 21, 2021)