2020-2021 Interim Webinar Recordings

Previously Recorded Webinar Trainings for Interim Assessments

The four videos below are previously recorded webinars designed to cover the program and Online Reporting Suite (ORS) updates for the 2020-2021 school year.

To view and register for upcoming STAAR webinars, visit https://texasassessment.gov/staar/administrators/training/.



Interim Webinar 1 of 4 - Interim Assessment Overview and Updates (Recorded August 11, 2020)

This webinar provides an overview of the STAAR Interim Assessments, new functionality within the Online Reporting Suite (ORS) and the system requirements for the STAAR Online Testing Application.

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Interim Webinar 2 of 4 - Interim Student Registration (Recorded August 13, 2020)

This webinar provides information for district testing coordinators as they prepare to register students for interim testing. The training covers the process for registering students in the Assessment Management System.


Interim Webinar 3 of 4 - Classroom Teachers-Interpreting Student Interim Scores (Recorded August 18, 2020)

This webinar, designed specifically with classroom teachers in mind, covers the appropriate uses of student scores on the STAAR interim, how to create sub-rosters in the Assessment Management System and how to use reported Interim student data to understand probabilities, relative strengths and weakness of Student Expectations and the TEKs.


Interim Webinar 4 of 4 - A Deep Dive into the Online Reporting Suite (ORS) (Recorded August 20, 2020)

This webinar covers all aspects of reporting for interim testing both in the STAAR Assessment Management System and the Online Reporting Suite as well as how to view the district, campus, and student level. We explored the full functionality of the real-time reporting system including viewing student responses and TEKS student expectations.