Fall 2020 Summative Webinar Recordings

Previously Recorded Webinar Trainings for the STAAR Summative assessments

The videos below are previously recorded webinars designed to cover the program and systems updates for the December 2020 administration.

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Summative Webinar 1 of 9 - December 2020 Student Registration Updates (Recorded August 25, 2020)

This webinar is a high-level overview of updates to the process and systems for the STAAR Summative. The updates incuded in this training will be covered in greater detail in the upcoming webinars.


Summative Webinar 2 of 9 - STAAR EOC Registration for New District Testing Coordinators (DTCs) (Recorded September 1, 2020)

This training, specifically created for new DTCs, covers the end-to-end process for completing individual and bulk student registrations in the Assessment Management System (TOMS) and a general overview of other critical registration tasks.


Summative Webinar 3 of 9 - Fall Activities for the December 2020 STAAR Administration (Recorded September 15, 2020)

This training covers the non-registration related activities, processes, and deadlines for the December end-of-course State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) administration.




Summative Webinar 4 of 9 - Technology Staff Network Configuration, Secure Browser Installation, and Device Set Up (Recorded October 15, 2020)

This webinar, geared to district Technology staff, provides an overview of the installation and system requirements of the STAAR® secure browser application to ensure that districts' networks and devices are set up and working as expected prior to testing. 

Technology Guide FAQs



Summative Webinar 5 of 9 - Online Testing Preparation for December 2020 (Recorded October 19, 2020)

This webinar, created specifically to help district and campus coordinators prepare for the December 2020 online administrations covers the requirements for updating the STAAR Online Testing Platform, managing online testing sessions, and the benefits of administering STAAR practice tests, tutorials, and Interims to students.


Summative Webinar 6 of 9 - Overview of the STAAR Online Testing Platform (Recorded October 22, 2020

This webinar training provides an overview of the STAAR Online Testing Application including a review of accessibility features and PNPs used during testing. 

  • Time Stamp 01:13 - 01:37: View Demo of the PNPs and Accessibility Features of the secure application using the STAAR practice tests and tutorials:.



Summative Webinar 7 of 9 - Getting Ready for your December 2020 Shipments to Arrive (Recorded November 10, 2020)

This webinar is focused on the activities, processes, and deadlines related to the shipments of State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) end-of-course (EOC) test materials and precode shipments and how testing materials and precodes should be verified prior to the administration.


Summative Webinar 8 of 9 - December 2020 Material Returns (Recorded December 1, 2020)


Summative Webinar 9 of 9 - Preparing for the Release of December 2020 Scores (Recorded January 12, 2021)