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  • Districts must ensure that network policies do not restrict auto-updates and that auto-updates are enabled.

Refer to the STAAR Online Testing Platform Technology Guide and Technology Guide FAQs for more information.

General Announcements

Mac OS 11 (posted April 2, 2021)

Districts with Mac devices running on the latest version of the operating system (Mac OS 11) are reminded that it is not a supported version. Although tests can be launched on devices running OS 11, there is the possibility that the STAAR Online Testing Platform may experience interruptions during testing and have to be restarted. In this event, responses would be saved, and the test could be resumed after the student logs back in. However, to avoid any potential disruptions to the student testing experience, districts should utilize devices with a supported version for the upcoming STAAR administration.

Windows 10 – Lock Screen Shortcut (windows key+L) (posted: July 20, 2020)