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  • All student responses for paper braille tests must be transcribed into the Data Entry Interface (DEI) to be scored.

  • A student who uses this designated support may need to complete the test in a separate setting to eliminate distractions to other students and to ensure the confidentiality of the test.

  • Student responses cannot be scored unless they are recorded according to the procedures outlined in the Basic Transcribing and/or Complex Transcribing policies.

  • General information about administering braille tests is available in the applicable STAAR Test Administration Information or TELPAS Paper and Holistic Test Administration Information.

  • Online screen reader support for refreshable braille displays includes visually hidden content presented to the screen reader and refreshable braille display only. If a student requires assistance with online screen reader support for refreshable braille displays, including how to access visually hidden content, refer to the Job Access with Speech (JAWS) help screen in Available Tools during an online administration.