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The TEA Student Assessment Division has created several forms to assist districts in maintaining the security and confidentiality of the Texas Assessment Program. Links to the forms are provided below.

Oaths of Security and Confidentiality

All district and campus personnel who participate in state-mandated testing or handle or have access to secure test materials must be trained at least once and sign an Oath of Test Security and Confidentiality. Any person who has more than one testing role (for instance, a district testing coordinator who also serves as a test administrator) must receive appropriate training and sign a test security oath for each role. Test security oaths are valid for the entire school year, including fall, spring, and summer testing, as well as any field testing and mandatory sampling conducted during this time period.

Test security oaths are required to be maintained by the district for a period of five years.

  • Superintendent and district coordinator test security oaths must be submitted to the state testing contractor prior to July 31, 2022, when all testing activity has been completed for the school year. Districts should print a screen shot of the superintendent and district coordinator security oaths prior to submitting. If you have questions about the submission of these security oaths, contact Texas Testing Support at 833-601-8821 or
  • General test security oaths should be printed, saved, or both, but these oaths do not need to be submitted to the state testing contractor.

By signing the appropriate test security oath, participants affirm that they have been trained, understand their obligation to properly implement the program, acknowledge their responsibility to report any suspected testing irregularity to the district or campus testing coordinator, principal, or TEA's Student Assessment Division, and are aware of the range of penalties that may result from a violation. The Test Security Oath for Superintendent or Chief Administrative Officer and the Test Security Oath for District Testing Coordinator are available in the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) under Administration and Security Forms. The General Test Security Oath for campus testing coordinators, test administrators, technology staff, proctors, raters, etc. is available at the link below.

General Test Security Oath

Testing irregularity forms

The district coordinator (or his or her designee) is responsible for investigating all testing irregularities, whether confirmed or alleged. The district coordinator must ensure that all confirmed testing irregularities are reported to TEA’s Student Assessment Division via an online testing irregularity report form. The Procedural Testing Irregularity form and Serious Testing Violation form are available in TIDE under Administration and Security Forms.

Locally Determined Disciplinary Action form

Districts must report any disciplinary action taken against a student for cheating on a state assessment using the Locally Determined Disciplinary Action form located at the link provided below.

Locally Determined Disciplinary Action form (coming soon) 

Seating charts

Districts may create seating chart templates that best suit their needs; however, the following minimal information must be collected for each test session:

  1. The location of the test session must be recorded, including the district and campus names and the room designation. Provide a brief description of the testing area (e.g., classroom, library, cafeteria).
  2. The specific test being administered at this location must be recorded, including the month, year, program, and grade and subject or course.
  3. The first and last name(s) of the test administrator(s)/monitor(s) conducting or involved in the test session must be recorded.
  4. The first and last name of each student participating in the assessment must be recorded on the seating chart at the location where the student was seated.

Districts and campuses may include additional information if they choose to do so. Examples of seating charts are provided below.

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