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Beginning with the December 2018 STAAR EOC administration, all Answer Document Packing Lists (ADPLs) must be submitted online in the Assessment Management System. ADPLs submitted on paper will not be processed. ADPL entries indicate the number of answer documents being returned to ETS for scoring. Do not include voided answer documents or the number of tests delivered online in ADPL counts. Separate ADPLs must be submitted and verified for each campus returning answer documents for scoring.

Prior to submission or verification, campus or district coordinators must verify that all counts entered in the ADPL match the actual number of answer documents packed for return. 


  • Authorized district-level users (
DTCs and DTAs
  • district testing coordinators and district testing assistants) may enter, update, submit, or verify ADPL counts for any campus in their district any time prior to the ADPL deadline.
  • Authorized campus-level users (
  • campus testing coordinators) may view, enter, update, or submit their campus ADPL counts any time prior to the ADPL deadline.
  • Any campus ADPL in submitted status can be un-submitted by an authorized users (
  • district testing coordinator, district testing assistant, or
  • campus testing coordinator) for further editing.
  • Once a district-level user has verified a campus ADPL, no further edits may be applied without first "un-verifying" and "un-submitting" the ADPL. Only a district-level user may verify and "un-verify" prior to the ADPL deadline date.
  • Campus- and/or
  • district-level users will not be able to update, submit, or verify counts after the ADPL deadline has past.
  • Any un-submitted or un-verified ADPLs at the end of the deadline are processed with any information provided and used to identify ADPL count discrepancies with actual scanned answer document counts.

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