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Initial Materials Orders quantities are the quantity of test materials (e.g., test booklets) districts receive in their combined shipment. These quantities also appear in the Test Mode/Material Counts Report. Initial orders of test booklets are based on paper registrations indicated in the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®Assessment Management System at the close of the paper materials registration window.

Exceptions: Test booklets included in initial orders for May/June Grade 5 and 8 retest and June EOC administrations are determined by paper retester registrations loaded into the Assessment Management System. Refer to Section 6.2.1 Retest Administrations for more information.

The Initial Orders section of the Assessment Management System is used to view registration-based test booklet counts and input additional test booklet quantities needed by test booklet type (Oral Administration, Large Print, Spanish) above and beyond the quantities identified based on paper registrations.


  • Districts must identify needs for Oral Administration, Large Print, and Spanish materials when registering students or must identify additional quantities in Initial Orders prior to the close of the the paper materials registration window ("Districts submit registrations for STAAR and STAAR Alternate 2 paper materials") as noted in the Calendar of Events to receive Oral Administration, Large Print, or Spanish test booklets with their initial orders. Refer to Section 6.2.2 Register an Individual Student or Section 6.3 Upload Student Registrations for more information and detailed directions.
  • Districts that do not identify Oral Administration, Large Print, or Spanish test booklet needs during the paper materials registration window as noted above will have an opportunity to order these materials during the additional materials order window.

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